We Buy Tack

Is it time for a Tack Room Cleanout?  Are you preparing for the riding season and feel the need to get your tack organized? 

Here are a few steps to help with the process:

Make sure to go through each piece of tack in your tack room and horse trailer.   

As you go through each piece and make an immediate choice to place it into 1 of 4 piles – go with your first instinct – don’t overthink it.   

  1. I use it all the time
  2. I don’t use it all the time but I might someday
  3. I never use it, forgot I had it, don’t ever plan to need it
  4. It’s broken and is irreparable or unusable

Once you’ve completed going through every piece and placed it in the appropriate pile, focus first on the “I use it all the time” tack.  Clean it, condition it (if needed) and check that all screws, ties, hooks, clips and conchos are snug and in good condition.  

Next organize it and place it in the area on the hooks where it’s easy for you to access and find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it.  

Once you’ve completed cleaning and organizing all the pieces you use all the time, take a breath, and admire your accomplishment.  

When you’re ready, next direct your attention to the “I don’t use it all the time, but I might someday” pile again and ask yourself a few questions.

  • “When did I really use it last?”
  • “Have I used it in the last year?”
  • “Will I really use it or am I just keeping it because I have an emotional attachment to it?”
  • “Was it a gift that I feel I’m supposed to keep because it was given to me?”
  • “Could someone else put it to better use?”

If you get to the last question, and the answer is ‘yes’ place it in a new pile labeled “Sell or Donate”.  

The original pile #3 from above labeled “I never use it, forgot I had it, don’t ever plan to need it” can also be added to the new “Sell or Donate” pile. 

AND WAIT … There's one more step for the “Sell or Donate” pile – Wipe it down and clean it as if you were going to place it in your “I use it all the time” pile.  This will ensure you get the best value for the items you want to sell, and it will be ready to use for the person or organization it is donated to.  

You can bring these items to JLM The Store and we will work with you to put some money back in your pocket for your next entry fee or just maybe, yes, another piece of tack you’ve had your eye on.  We all know it’s an addiction, right?! LOL!

Oh, one last thing, don’t forget to go through the “It’s broken and is irreparable or unusable” pile.  I like to remove any clips, hooks, Chicago screws, conchos or ties.  These are handy to have when something breaks on the tack you use every day. 

Happy riding! 


Q & A 

Q:  Do you buy used tack?

A:  The short answer to that question is ‘Yes’ but let me be a little more specific. 

We pride ourselves in providing quality tack for all horse owners.  Whether you team rope, barrel race, compete, show or enjoy a good trail ride!  We are The Store where you can come pick up a nice headstall, bit, set of reins, etc and not break the bank. 

To do this, we only buy quality, CLEAN, usable tack that is not damaged or broken. 

If in doubt, spray some leather cleaner conditioner on a rag and wipe it down.  


Q:  Can't you get something for it even if it's dirty, damaged or broken? 

A:  Yes, we could get "something" - but that's not The Store we choose to be.  We are The Store where you can walk in to purchase a nice piece of tack and go right home and use it on your horse without having to clean it or do any repairs.  


Q:  Can I show up any time to bring in my used tack?

A:  Yes - and, again, let me be more specific - If it is more than a couple pieces, please be prepared to leave it with us along with your name and phone number so we can go through each piece to estimate values and provide you with a good offer on the items you're wanting to sell.   

You can also email pics of what you're wanting to sell to Lori@JLMTheStore.com and we can review and discuss your items before you load them up and bring them in.