Consign with JLM The Store

At JLM, we understand the challenges of selling your used items. The options to sell online can be so challenging and frustrating. So, let us handle it all for you. ​

Ease of Consignment

The first step to consigning with us is to send us pictures of the items you want to sell and the price you're looking to get from them.

Please includes pictures that show all the details and any damage of the item.

Send pics to

Once we agree to accept the item, we will send you our Consignor Agreement to complete and bring in with your item! Please ensure they are clean and in working condition and is something you would feel comfortable putting on your own horse or having on display in your home.  ​

When you bring your item in to The Store, we will again discuss the details, value and listed price for all items with you to ensure each item can be promoted and priced to sell in a reasonable amount of time.

Personal Experience

We are passionate about western saddles, tack, clothing and unique vintage items with a western twist. We pride ourselves in finding quality and unique items that will be a perfect addition to your tack room or home.

Cleaning Fee

If an item is clean, it will sell faster and for a higher price.  We believe the best, and quickest, way to sell an item is when it looks its best on the floor and in photographs, 

Items brought in that require cleaning will have a minimum of a $25 cleaning fee and saddles will have a minimum of a $75 cleaning fee.  The time it takes to clean the item or saddle, will also delays the time in which we can get the item listed for sale so please clean your items before you bring them in. 

Saddle Try-Out Period

There is plenty of room to park at The Store so bring your horse and give a saddle a try! In addition, any saddle purchased at JLM The Store will come with a forty-eight hour trial period. The buyer purchases the saddle in full, takes it home, tries it on their horse, and, if it does not work out, they would have the option of bringing it back. ​ As the consignor you are protected as we reserve the right to refuse refunds for any reason, such as the saddle coming back damaged. Since we take full payment up front there is no risk to you, as a seller.

Consignment Q & A:

Q: Do you consign saddles?
A: Yes, we consign most western saddles. The saddle must be clean and in good, rideable condition. We do not take in saddles that are damaged or broken and need repairs.

Q: How do I know what price to put on my saddle?
A: We first ask you to send us some pictures and info on the saddle. When we know the maker, type (rope, barrel, reining, ranch, trail, etc), age, condition, serial # (if available) it helps us research the current market for your saddle. We then discuss this price with you to ensure we’re doing our best to represent your and your saddle.

Q: How fast will my saddle sell?
A: Our Consignment Agreement is for 90 days and most saddles have sold within that time frame. Some sell fast and some don’t - so we do our best to continue to market the saddle on our social media pages and here, on our newly developed website

Q: Does it cost me anything to consign my saddle with you if my saddle doesn’t sell?
A: Nope - not a thing!

Q: Do you offer saddle cleaning or repair services?
A: No, but we are happy to provide you with some recommendations.